About MTBdex.com

Hey MTBdexer! How nice that you are curious about the story behind MTBdex.com! Let me first start by introducing myself: my name is Rob and I have been interested in cycling from an early age. With my father, I could be found on the bicycle saddle all day Sunday afternoons for ‘a round of the polder’. As I got older, my interest in mountain biking got bigger and bigger.

I recently moved to Zeist, so I can now discover the beautiful MTB routes ‘in my backyard’. This was also the moment for me to start a website with everything that has to do with mountain bikes!

about mtbdex.com
This is me, along with my mountain bike! © MTBdex.com

Gathering and sharing mountain bike knowledge

All guides you will find on MTBdex.com are written by me. My goal is to give a place to everything that has to do with mountain biking. From buying tips for a complete mountain bike cleaning kit to a guide (which got out of hand) about a miniature mountain bike, to give as a gift.

Under each guide you will discover the possibility to leave a comment. I would like to ask you to take advantage of this if you have any feedback about my content. This can be, for example, reporting a mistake or an interesting additional tip! You can always send me a message for this.


MTBdex.com is still on the rise. Behind the scenes I am busy in my spare time updating the website with new information and adding new guides to the different categories. But, of course, this takes a lot of time and I don’t want to rush anything. That’s why I do it step by step and it’s really nice if you come back every now and then to look for new tips, guides and stories.

In the future I plan to supplement MTBdex.com with videos of the different MTB routes and I intend to review mountain bike parts and accessories. But we are not there yet!

For now lots of mountain biking fun at MTBdex.com!

? Rob