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Welcome to, the best start to your mountain bike adventure. My name is Rob and I will help you make the best choices when it comes to mountain bike purchases, cleaning and clothing choices. I founded this MTB site to share knowledge about everything related to mountain bikes. does not sell anything, it is a completely independent mountain bike platform.

What do you discover on

On you will discover a complete archive with all kinds of interesting and instructive guides. Me, Rob, teach you how to adjust your (new) mountain bike to the right height, how to properly clean your MTB and what to pay attention to when buying new parts. But not only that! I will take you to beautiful mountain bike routes, list cool mountain bike gifts and tell you which MTB books you really should have read.

Broadly speaking, consists of the following topics, where you can discover all kinds of interesting guides:

I have been working for over a year now to supplement the site with interesting mountain bike guides. And I’m far from done. Read more about!

Discover your new mountain bike, parts or accessories

When you are looking for a new mountain bike, you will quickly get lost in the huge range. Not to mention different frame heights and tire sizes. The same goes for accessories: there’s so much available for your mountain bike that you can get lost in what’s on offer.

My goal is to help you discover everything you need for mountain biking. From a completely new MTB to much-needed accessories. It is good to emphasize that I do not sell any products myself.

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The guides you find on are written for and by mountain bikers. My goal is to make the largest international mountain bike website. Of course I can’t do this without you! So I’d like to ask you to lend a hand while you’re here. You can contribute in the following way:

  • Leave comments below my articles if you have any questions
  • Message me if you have any feedback on our content or approach
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I wish you a lot of fun on and hope to meet you one day on a beautiful mountain bike route!

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