Crankbrothers M13 Multi Tool review

crankbrothers m13 multi tool review

If you have trouble with your mountain bike on the road, it is nice to have some tools with you. To avoid having to mention an entire toolbox, there are so-called multi-tools. With a multi-tool you always have the necessary tools at hand.

A well-known brand that offers good multi-tools is Crankbrothers. Recently, the brand launched two new multi-tools: the Crankbrothers M13 and M20 Multi Tool. I have decided to buy the M13 variant and test it. Discover my experiences in this Crankbrothers M13 Multi Tool review.

crankbrothers m13 multi tool review
The new Crankbrothers M13 Multi Tool. ©

Design: compact and cleverly designed

When I introduced the Crankbrothers M13 Multi Tool, I noticed the beautiful color combination: one side of the multitool is metallic red, the other side black. The various tools of the multi-tool are aluminum colored. Like many other multi-tools, there is a plastic compartment on the front. You can click these off if you wish.

Pattern can be found on the sides of the multi-tool which provides grip. This allows you to tinker nicely without the M13 slipping out of your hands. Because there are 13 different tools (I’ll come back to this later), the multi-tool is nice and wide. This also contributes to a good grip.

Material: lightweight, but sturdy

The Crankbrothers M13 Multi Tool is made of aluminum, except for the plastic compartment on the front. This makes for a lightweight multi-tool. It weighs only 164 grams, so you can easily take it with you in your mountain bike backpack, without being bothered by this.

The tools themselves are made of high tensile strength steel. This makes for very strong tools, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your screws or the tool itself.

Usage: 13 tools always at hand

As I just said, Crankbrothers has released two variants: the M13 and the M20. And as the name suggests, the M13 is equipped with thirteen different tools. I list them below:

  • 7x Allen key (2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 mm)
  • 2x Phillips screwdriver
  • 1x Flat screwdriver
  • 2x Torx (T-25 and T-10)
  • 1x Tire Stop Tool

As you can see you have the most important mountain bike tools with you. What I do regret is that there is no chain tool with this M13.

In the plastic compartment you will discover additional tools to fix a puncture. You can also use this compartment to carry extra chain links. Are you not using this? Then you can also click it off.

crank brothers m13 tools
The Crankbrothers M13 Multi Tool has 13 tools. ©

Price/quality: pricey, but very high quality

The Crankbrothers M13 Multi Tool has an average retail price of $26.99/€25. This makes it not a very cheap multi-tool. However, it is a sturdy multi-tool with no fewer than 13 tools. In my opinion, this tool is worth the money: it offers a good price/quality ratio.

Conclusion Crankbrothers M13 Multi Tool review

If you are looking for a multi-tool, this Crankbrothers M13 Multi Tool is an excellent choice. With this tool you have all the necessary tools at hand if you break down on the road. Do you also want a chain tool for when your chain breaks? Then this multi tool is a less good choice, since this tool is missing.

Multi-tool with the most important tools for quick mountain bike repairs!
  • Design
  • Material
  • Usage
  • Price/Quality


With the new Crankbrothers M13 Multi Tool you have all the important tools at hand if your mountain bike breaks down on the road. Unless your chain breaks. The multi-tool is of very good quality, is lightweight and holds well. The plastic compartment ensures that you can also take extra chain links with you. Keep in mind a high price.

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