Five Ten Freerider review

five ten freerider review

A popular brand among mountain bike shoes is Five Ten from Adidas. The brand offers different types of mountain bike shoes, including the Five Ten Freerider. These MTB shoes are specially made for flat pedals. I have decided to buy these shoes and test them extensively. In this Five Ten Freerider review I discuss my experiences.

five ten freerider review
The Five Ten Freerider mountain bike shoes. ©

Design: robust mountain bike shoes

The Five Ten mountain bike shoes come in two variants: the Freerider and the Freerider Pro. In this review I tested the regular Five Ten Freerider. These shoes are a lot wider than the Pro variants. This also makes them look wider and taller.

The shoes are available in different colors, including these gray variants. In addition to gray, you can also choose from the following color combinations: black, dark blue, beige, gray and multi-coloured. This allows you to choose a color that matches the rest of your mountain bike outfit.

Material: made from recycled waste

The flat pedal shoes turn out to be an environmentally friendly choice. The shoes are made from recycled material. Ocean waste to be exact. “This product is made with recycled material because we have the ambition to end plastic waste,” Adidas said on its website.

The soles of the shoes are made of rubber. Like the previous editions, they are Stealth S1 rubber soles. These soles offer a lot of grip, but more on that later.

Use: comfortable and sturdy

The shoes have a sole with “Dotty” profile. This makes them extremely suitable for mountain bike pedals. The pins of platform pedals do not slip from between the soles during mountain biking. As I just mentioned, the soles are made of Stealth S1 rubber. These are outsoles: so you can easily walk with these shoes.

mtb flat pedals
Thanks to the Dotty profile on the soles, you have a lot of grip on the pedals while mountain biking. ©

You have to be careful when choosing the right shoe size. The shoes run smaller. Take into account about one size larger than your normal shoe size with the Five Ten mountain bike shoes.

Price/quality: comfortable flat pedal shoes

The Five Ten Freerider shoes are not the cheapest choice: with an average selling price of 110 euros, it is a considerable expense. On the other hand, good mountain bike shoes are a must. These shoes offer a lot of comfort and thanks to the outsole you can also use them for walking.

If you want to opt for the Freerider Pro, you will have to spend a little more: these have an average sales price of 140 euros. You do enjoy more protection at the front of the shoes there, thanks to the impact-resistant nose.

Conclusion Adidas Five Ten Freerider shoes

Are you looking for very good, but comfortable mountain bike shoes for platform pedals? Then the Adidas Five Ten Freerider shoes are a very good choice. Although they are not the cheapest shoes, they are very sturdy and robust shoes. If you prefer more protection at the front of the shoe, it is better to choose the Five Ten Freerider Pro shoes.

Comfortable flat pedal mountain bike shoes
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The Five Ten Freerider shoes are very comfortable flat pedal shoes. Thanks to the profile of the stiff Stealth Rubber soles, you stay well on your pedals. The shoes are very comfortable and offer good protection at the front. Because the sole is not too stiff, you can also use it for hiking while mountain biking.

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