Giro Fixture helmet review

giro fixture helm review

It is perhaps the most important part of your mountain bike outfit: a good mountain bike helmet! There are an incredible number of different types of helmets available. I’ve decided to buy and review a popular model: the Giro Fixture MTB helmet.

In this extensive Giro Fixtutre helmet review I discuss my experiences with this mountain bike helmet.

giro fixture helm review
The Giro Fixture helmet. ©

Design: nice helmet with removable peak

The Giro Fixture helmet looks nice at first glance. The bicycle helmet is equipped with a peak, as we often see with a mountain bike helmet. The valve is meant to keep sunlight, water and branches out of your face. Do you get on your racing bike? Then you can easily click the peak off the helmet.

The helmet is matte black, with the brand GIRO with shiny letters on the top. It is equipped with 18 ventilation holes, which means that there is an enormous ventilating capacity.

Material: EPS and In-Mold construction

One of the most important factors of a good mountain bike helmet is of course safety. The Giro Fixture helmet has an outer construction of polycarbonate. This provides good protection. If we look at the inside of the helmet, then there is an EPS inside. EPS is shock absorbing.

It isn’t a Giro Fixture helmet with MIPS

This helmet is not equipped with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System). This technology ensures that the risk of brain injury is less if you fall, because your head still has some play in the helmet. This makes it a less safe choice.

Replaceable interior

You will sweat while mountain biking. The interior of the helmet can get dirty quickly. The Giro Fixture helmet is equipped with removable pads. You can remove it with Velcro and replace it with new ones. You don’t get this one with it, but you can buy it for very little.

giro fixture helmet inside
The inside of the Giro Fixture MTB helmet. ©

Usage: Roc Loc Sport Closure System

Interestingly enough, this helmet is not available in different sizes. When I bought the Giro Fixture MTB helmet, I could only choose a universal size. The helmet is indeed suitable for many different head circumferences. Thanks to the Roc Loc Sport closure system, the helmet is suitable for all adults and can be adjusted very easily.

At the back of the helmet you can adjust the helmet tighter or looser around your head using a rotary knob.

mountain bike helmet with dial
You can easily adjust the helmet with a rotary knob on the back. ©

Price/quality: cheap, but good MTB helmet

The Giro Fixture mountain bike helmet caught my eye because of the price. With an average retail price of €45, it is a lot cheaper than other mountain bike helmets. I must therefore conclude that this is not a question of MIPS and that it is a universal helmet.

Conclusion Giro Fixture helmet review

If you are looking for an affordable bicycle helmet, you make an excellent choice with the Giro Fixture helmet. The mountain bike helmet offers good protection, despite no MIPS. Thanks to the many ventilation holes, your head stays nice and cool during mountain biking. And get on your racing bike? Then you can click the cover off.

Cheap, but safe mountain bike helmet
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The Giro Fixture MTB helmet is a remarkably cheap mountain bike helmet. The MTB helmet has no less than 18 ventilation holes, so that it ventilates well. The flap at the front can be clicked off, which can be handy if you sometimes get on your racing bike. However, the helmet does not have MIPS fall protection. This makes it a less safe choice. On the other hand, EPS also offers good protection and the helmet is very easy to adjust.

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