How to change gear shifter on mountain bike

how to change gear shifter on mountain bike

De mountainbike shifters zijn uitstekende hendeltjes. Wanneer je komt te vallen met je mountainbike is de kans groot dat deze shifters beschadigen. Eenmaal beschadigd dien je de shifters te vervangen om goed en soepel te kunnen blijven schakelen. Jouw huidige shifters toe aan vervanging? Dan ben je hier aan het juiste adres. Op deze pagina help ik je stap voor stap op weg bij het vervangen van MTB shifters.

Waarom MTB shifters vervangen?

Laten we eerst stil staan bij een aantal redenen waarom het nodig zou kunnen zijn om de MTB shifters te vervangen. Zoals ik in de inleiding al aangaf kan een valpartij al zorgen voor enorme schade aan uitstekende hendels bij het stuur. Denk ook aan de remhendels. Omdat shifters veelal gemaakt zijn van kunststof is de kans groot dat ze beschadigen, waarbij vervanging na een valpartij vaak noodzakelijk is.

mtb shifters vervangen

Upgrading mountain bike with better shifters

But not only when they are broken can replacement be interesting. You can also upgrade your mountain bike with a better gear set. Consider the following upgrade reasons:

  • Easier and smoother shifting
  • Shifters that are more comfortable to hold
  • Lightweight shifting units for a lighter mountain bike

In short, it can also be interesting to replace the MTB shifters if they are not broken.

Tools required to change the shifters

To disassemble your old shifters and fit your mountain bike with new MTB shift units, you need the following tools:

  • Set of Allen keys
  • Cutting pliers for cables
  • New inner cable/outer cable for the mountain bike derailleur (front or rear derailleur)

MTB shifters replace step-by-step plan

All tools packed together? Then we can get started with replacing the shifters.

Follow the steps below to replace the MTB shifters.

  1. Verwijder de handvatten van het stuur

    Remove the MTB grips. Do you have lock on handles? Then you can unscrew it with an Allen key. Slide on handles can be a bit more difficult to get loose. If necessary, spray some air with a compressor between the grips and the handlebar.mount mountain bike grips

  2. Remove the brake levers from the handlebars

    On mountain bikes, the shifters are separate from the brake levers (unlike road bikes). Remove the brake levers from the MTB handlebars.

  3. Remove the old MTB shifters from the handlebars

    Unscrew the bolts of the old MTB shifters and remove them from the handlebars as well

  4. Unscrew and remove derailleur cable from shifter

    You can unscrew the cable at the derailleur. Immediately check whether the outer casing needs to be replaced, which it probably is. Use a cable cutter to remove the cables.

  5. Place cable liner over old inner cable

    When the cable runs partly through the frame, it is smart to use a cable liner. This allows you to pull the cable through the frame. Place this cable liner over the old inner cable before removing it

  6. Place the new MTB shifters on the handlebars

    Slide the new shifters onto the mountain bike handlebars. Do not mount them yet; we will do this soon.

  7. Now slide the brake levers and grips back onto the handlebars

    Place the brake levers in the correct position on the handlebars. Tip: Read all about adjusting mountain bike brakes.

  8. Mount the brake levers and slide shifters against it

    When the brake levers are in the correct position, you can screw them on. Then slide the new MTB shifters against the brakes and screw them on as well. Check whether they can be operated comfortably by hand and adjust the position where necessary.

  9. Install the new outer casings

    It is best to stick to the length of the old outer cables for the size. Place the new outer cables in the right place and install the new inner cables in the shifter. Then pull them through the frame with the cable liner you just placed.

When you have mounted new MTB shifters and a derailleur cable, it is necessary to readjust the derailleur. In the mountain bike derailleur adjustment guide I tell you everything you need to know.

Frequently asked questions about replacing MTB shifters

Can I replace my MTB shifters myself?

You can easily replace and exchange mountain bike shifters yourself. Keep in mind that you have the right tools at home and that you have to be patient.

Which tools do I need?

To replace mountain bike shift units you need an Allen key set, a derailleur cable cutter and a new inner cable for the derailleur. It may be smart to also buy a new outer cable at the same time, because in many cases it will be worn out.

How do I get a cable through the mountain bike frame?

If you have a mountain bike frame with cables running through it (internal cabling), you can use a special cable liner. You place this over the inner cable, after which you can pull it through the frame. When replacing cables, first place it over the old cable. After all, it runs through the frame.

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