How to change handlebars on mountain bike?

replace mountain bike handlebars

If you experience many physical complaints while mountain biking, a different handlebar can be the solution. Replacing an MTB handlebar is a quick and easy job. In this guide I tell you exactly how you can easily replace an MTB handlebar, which tools you need and what you should pay attention to.

Why replacing an MTB handlebar can be interesting

In my guide to mountain bike handlebar I already mentioned terms like backsweep and upsweep. A mountain bike handlebar can have different shapes, whereby the positions of the handles can differ considerably. If you get physical complaints while mountain biking, a different mountain bike handlebar can be a solution. But not only then is another steering wheel interesting. I list important reasons for a steering wheel change:

  • Bike fitting: to make your mountain bike fit more closely to your body
  • Different driving style: when you change driving style, for example going downhill more than climbing
  • Making MTB lighter: when you want to change to a lightweight handlebar, for example made of carbon
  • Damages: if your handlebar is damaged after a crash

Replacing a mountain bike handlebar can therefore have several advantages as you can see.

replace mountain bike handlebars

Which tools do you need?

You need the following tools to remove the old handlebar and install the new mountain bike handlebar:

Do you use handles without a lock on attachment? Then removing the mountain bike grips can be a difficult job. Tip: use a compressor. Use this to blow air under the handle to make it easier to release.

MTB handlebar replacement step-by-step plan

Have you packed all the supplies? Then we can provide the mountain bike with a new handlebar.

Follow the steps below to replace your MTB handlebar easily and quickly.

  1. Loosen the handles

    Slide the grips off the mountain bike handlebars. Lock on handles? Unscrew it with the Allen key.mount mountain bike grips

  2. Remove the brakes and shifters

    To do this, use the Allen key again. Do you also have a mountain bike bell or phone holder? Then disassemble it.

  3. Unscrew the handlebar at the front of the stem

    At the front of the mountain bike stem you will discover several bolts. Unscrew it and remove the handlebar from the mountain bike.

  4. Mount the new handlebar on your mountain bike

    On many handlebars you will discover an indicator on the front to neatly place the handlebar in the middle. Apply some assembly paste to the bolts of the stem, so that you can easily loosen it after a longer period of time. Use a torque wrench to tighten the bolts so that there are no cracks in the handlebar or stem.

After replacing the handlebars, it is important to check whether the mountain bike fits well on your body. For example, the MTB handlebar width may be too wide or the reach may be too short. In that case, replacing the MTB stem is a smart addition.

Frequently asked questions about replacing an MTB handlebar

Can I replace my mountain bike handlebars myself?

Changing an MTB handlebar is only a few minutes’ work. You do need the right tools for this.

What tools do I need to change my mountain bike handlebars?

In many cases you only need an Allen key set and a torque wrench. Do you have slide on handles? Keep in mind that these can be difficult to loosen. Tip: use a compressor to spray air between the handlebars and the grips to make them easier to loosen.

Is it smart to use assembly paste?

It is advisable to lubricate some assembly paste on the bolts near the stem. This makes it easier to disassemble the steering wheel after a longer period of time if this proves to be necessary.

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