How to change mountain bike tire?

how to change mountain bike tire

It happens to every mountain bike: a flat tire! Fortunately, replacing a mountain bike tire is not a difficult job. You need the right stuff for this. On this page I will teach you everything about replacing an MTB tire. Find out what you need, how to replace the tire and what to look out for.

Why replace an MTB tire?

As I just mentioned, you can get a flat tire while mountain biking. You can repair these if you have a tire repair kit with you, but it is much smarter to replace the entire MTB tire. With this you will be done much faster and you will need fewer resources.

But, it is not only with a flat tire that you may wish to replace the tire. You may also want to replace the tire. For example, due to an upgrade to a Maxxis tire or when the profile on the tire has been greatly reduced. This gives you less grip and can lead to dangerous situations.

Replace MTB tire for tubeless

In addition, you may also have the desire to ride on tubeless tires. For this you need the right tires that are suitable to be made tubeless. Not sure what tubeless tires are and what their advantages and disadvantages are? Then read more in the guide about MTB tires.

Replace MTB inner tube

To replace a mountain bike tire you need tire levers, a mountain bike pump and a new inner and/or outer tube.

Follow the step-by-step plan below to replace the MTB tire.

  1. Shift the chain to the smallest sprocket

    Make sure the mountain bike chain is on the smallest rear sprocket. There is little tension on the chain, so you can easily put the wheel back on later.

  2. Remove the wheel from the bicycle

    Loosen the quick release at the wheel axle and lift the tire out of your mountain bikemtb voorvork vervangen

  3. Push the tire around to the center of the rim

    Both the outer and inner tube may be slightly twisted when deflated. Therefore, push it all the way to the center of the rim, so that you can replace it more easily.

  4. Wipe the tire levers under the tire

    Slide the first tire lever under the tire and hook it behind a spoke. Do the same a little further on with a second tire lever and then slide it along the tire.

  5. Check the cause of the leak on the tire

    Check this on both the outside and the inside of the tyre. Feel carefully with your hands and visually see if anything is protruding through the outer tyre. By doing this you will prevent another flat tire with a new inner tube.

  6. Replace the mountain bike inner tube

    Loosen the valve and push it up through the rim. Remove the old inner tube and replace it with a new inner tube. Pump a little air into the tire and place it well in the tyre.

  7. Fit the tire back onto the wheel

    Press the loose side of the tire over the rim with your hands. Make sure that the inner tube does not come between the tire and the rim.

  8. Inflate the tire to the correct tire pressure

    Make sure you put the tires back to the correct mountain bike tire pressure. Use a bicycle pump with a pressure gauge.

  9. Put the wheel back into the mountain bike

    Carefully put the mountain bike wheel back into the frame. Check whether this goes well with the chain and the mountain bike brakes.

You have now replaced the mountain bike tire! Because you disassembled the wheels, you may need to readjust the mountain bike brakes.

Replace MTB tire?

Replacing the tire is generally the same as replacing the inner tube. However, you have to remove the entire tire from the mountain bike wheels here. If you buy new tires, take a good look at the correct tire size and also check the correct ETRTO size.

FAQ: Replacing tires on a mountain bike

Replacing or repairing a mountain bike inner tube?

A flat tire on the way? Then it is better to replace it and repair the inner tube at home at your leisure. Check the cause of the leak to prevent a flat tire again.

Can I replace the mountain bike tire myself?

You can easily replace the outer tire of your mountain bike yourself. You must have the right tools for this.

What tools do I need to replace an MTB tire?

You need several tire levers and a bicycle pump. And of course also a new mountain bike tire!

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