How to Grease Headset MTB: grease steering head bearings

Have you ever suffered from a creaky steering wheel? Or do you sometimes have the feeling that your mountain bike handlebars move stiffly back and forth? Then it may be time to re-lubricate the headset. In this guide you will discover everything about greasing an MTB headset and greasing the headset bearings.

Why lubricate the MTB headset?

To be able to steer well with your mountain bike, you can find bearings in the headset of your mountain bike. These are provided with a good layer of lubricant for lubricated steering. Without squeaking and crackling. However, the lubricant may degrade over time. It is then important to lubricate the mountain bike headset again for the following reasons:

  • To be able to send easily
  • Prevent squeaks and crackles
  • To last longer with the centering rings
  • For a longer life of headset bearings

At the bottom of the line it ensures that you can continue mountain biking and steering.

greasing mtb headset
To lubricate the headset you have to disassemble the handlebars. ©

Use good headset bearing grease

Use good bearing grease to lubricate the MTB headset. Do not use mounting paste! Good bearing grease is provided with Teflon, which ensures that the bearings in the headset last longer.

Lubricating MTB ball head step-by-step

Good bearing grease at home? Then we can start lubricating the MTB headset.

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Follow the steps below to lubricate the MTB headset.

  1. Remove the front wheel from the mountain bike and release the brakes

    Open the quick-release and loosen it a few turns to remove the wheel. Do you have rim brakes? Then open it first.

  2. Unscrew the top cap at the handlebars

    Disassemble the handlebars by first unscrewing the top cap with an Allen key.
    mtb stuur demonteren

  3. Loosen the stem

    Then also remove the stem: the nuts can be found on the side of the stem. Holds the front fork; it will now come loose.

  4. Lower the front fork out of the frame

    You will therefore notice that the front fork is now loose. Carefully lower it out of your mountain bike.

  5. Thoroughly clean the fork tube and frame

    Take a dry clean cloth and clean the fork tube well. Also take the frame with you.

  6. Check the headset bearings and centering rings

    Before you start lubricating it is important to check the headset bearings and the centering rings. Still okay? Then we can proceed to step 7.

  7. Lubricate frame, bearings and centering rings with bearing grease

    Now take the good bearing grease. Apply some grease to the frame first. Then apply a good layer of grease on the bearings and the centering rings.

  8. Slide the front fork back into the frame and mount the handlebar

    Everything lubricated? Then mount the front fork back in your mountain bike. Reassemble the handlebars at the correct MTB handlebar height and put the front wheel back.

  9. Check mounting

    When adjusting a mountain bike, it is always important to do a check afterwards. Check whether the steering wheel now steers comfortably (and is not too tight).

Frequently asked questions about lubricating a headset

Why do you need to lubricate an MTB headset?

Lubrication is very important so that you can continue to steer comfortably. In addition, well-greased bearings can also prevent a squeaky or creaky steering wheel.

How often should you lubricate the headset?

That depends on how often you use your mountain bike. Normally you have to take into account about twice a year.

What should you lubricate a headset?

You should use good bearing grease. Never use mounting grease.

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