Joe Blow Sport 3 review

To ensure the correct tire pressure, a good bicycle pump with pressure gauge is necessary. A popular choice right now is the Joe Blow Sport 3 bicycle pump. This Topeak bicycle pump has a clear pressure gauge and is suitable for Presta valves. Perhaps an interesting choice for mountain bikes.

I decided to buy the Joe Blow Sport 3 bicycle pump and test it. In this Joe Blow Sport 3 review I discuss my findings with this bicycle pump.

joe blow sport 3 review
The Joe Blow Sport 3 bicycle pump. ©

Design: bicycle pump with clear pressure gauge

The Joe Blow bicycle pump is a striking appearance: it is bright yellow with black lettering. This makes it very noticeable and you will not easily overlook it. One of the most important things about a bicycle pump with pressure gauge is that the pressure gauge is easy to read. That is no problem at all with this bicycle pump. The pressure can be read in both BAR and PSI.

mountain bike bicycle pump with pressure gauge
The clearly readable pressure gauge of the bicycle pump ©

The design has been carefully thought out about being able to read the pressure gauge properly. This is in fact adjustable in height on the rod.

Material: sturdy steel bicycle pump

The Joe Blow Sport 3 is a steel bicycle pump. This makes it a robust bicycle pump that can take a beating. Very important, as a bicycle pump made of plastic can break quickly.

Despite being made of steel, the bicycle pump is still not very heavy. Don’t think that it isn’t stable: thanks to the bicycle pump foot made of hardened steel, it stays in place while inflating your MTB tires. Watch a video below from Topeak, where the bicycle pump is demonstrated.

Usage: ergonomic and can be used independently

When you use a mountain bike bicycle pump, there is a chance that you are alone. It is therefore interesting to pay close attention when buying a new bicycle pump to see whether there is a valve clamp. This is the case with the Joe Blow Sport 3. You simply click it on the valve, after which you can start inflating.

Many mountain bike tires are equipped with a Presta valve, which is also called a French valve. The bicycle pump is suitable for the mountain bike valve, but can also be used for a Schrader or Dunlop valve.

mountain bike pump
The Joe Blow bicycle pump is suitable for mountain bike valves. ©

It strikes me that inflating the bicycle tires is very easy. As I mentioned earlier, there is a clearly readable pressure gauge. Even when I’m standing up. Good to know: the bicycle pump can pump up to 11 bar. That is of course more than enough for the correct MTB tire pressure.

Price/quality: affordable mountain bike bicycle pump

The Topeak JoeBlow Sport 3 bicycle pump has an average retail price of € 33.95. This makes it not a cheap bicycle pump, but it is if we look at steel bicycle pumps with a good pressure gauge. In addition, it is also a bicycle pump that can inflate up to 11 bar, so you can use it for much more than just inflating your mountain bike tires.

Conclusion Joe Blow Sport 3 bicycle pump review

If you are looking for a bicycle pump with a pressure gauge – which is necessary for a mountain bike – you make an excellent choice with this bicycle pump from Topeak. The bicycle pump can take a beating, stays in place and can be used for mountain bike valves. Because there is a valve clamp, you can also use it independently.

Good quality affordable bicycle pump
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This Joe Blow Sport 3 bicycle pump from Topeak is a very good choice for inflating your mountain bike tires. It is a very sturdy bicycle pump that is equipped with an easy-to-read pressure gauge. Thanks to the valve clamp, you can also inflate the bicycle tires on your own. Inflating is very light and easy. In short: an excellent choice for those who are looking for an affordable bicycle pump for mountain bikes.

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