Mountain bike bell: you should pay attention to this

mountain bike bell

To warn others, a bicycle bell is indispensable. Especially if you go mountain biking. There are special bicycle bells that are suitable for mountain bikes. These are often a lot more compact and are much less noticeable. On this page you will discover everything about the bicycle bell mountain bike!

Why a bell for your mountain bike?

During mountain biking, a bicycle bell on your handlebars can sometimes be necessary. For example, you can let those in front of you on the route know that you want to pass. Also, it’s nice for those in front of you to warn you that you’re coming.

But not only that: it can happen that a hiker accidentally walks on the mountain bike route. And of course you can also use a mountain bike to participate in traffic on the road: we probably don’t have to explain to you that a bicycle bell is even more important there.

Features of MTB bicycle bell

The bicycle bell for a mountain bike often differs slightly from the normal bicycle bell. For example, we already indicated that it is often much more compact, so that you are less likely to get stuck behind something. Some features of this accessory:

  • They are compact and do not stand out
  • You don’t have to take your hand off the steering wheel to make a call
  • They are clearly audible
  • Lightweight, for minimal impact on overall weight
  • The bicycle bells are suitable for mountain bike steering
mountain bike bell
MTB bicycle bells are often compact. ©

Mounting the bicycle bell on a mountain bike

A mountain bike is often mounted on the handlebars, but some also choose alternative locations. They can also be mounted on the handlebar stem or on the mountain bike seatpost. When finding a good location, the following is very important:

  • You should be able to easily reach the bicycle bell, preferably without having to take your hands off the mountain bike grips
  • Go for a location where you cannot quickly get caught on the bicycle bell, for example when getting off
  • Check in advance whether the bicycle bell is suitable for the width of the bar

With a bicycle bell you will often also find a small rubber strip: this prevents damage to your handlebars when mounting the bicycle bell.

MTB bicycle bell brands

There are many different brands that offer bicycle bells. However, there are only a few brands that really seem to focus on an offer for mountain bikers. A selection of the brands:

  • BBB
  • Knog Oi
  • Lifetastic
  • Trigger
  • Widek

Of course there are also many brands that offer bicycle bells that are not specific to mountain bikes.

Bicycle bell mountain bike buying tips

If you are looking for a new bicycle bell for your MTB, there are a number of things you should pay attention to. The tips below can help you avoid a bad buy:

  • Look at the tube diameter of your mountain bike handlebar and check whether the bicycle bell is suitable for this
  • Check the size of the lighting and check whether there is enough space on your mountain bike
  • Preferably go for a bicycle bell that does not protrude
  • The eye also wants something: go for a color that matches your mountain bike
  • Check whether you can easily make calls, even with mountain bike gloves on!

Do you buy the bicycle bell online? Then it is very important to pay attention to the possible shipping costs. A bicycle bell is often not very pricey, so it can be smart to buy some more to enjoy free shipping.

bicycle bell on a mountain bike handlebar
Choose a bicycle bell that protrudes as little as possible. ©

Frequently asked questions about a mountain bike bell

Is a bicycle bell mandatory on a mountain bike?

A bicycle bell is mandatory in the Netherlands and Belgium. Also on a mountain bike, a bicycle bell is indispensable in the field of safety.

Are MTB bicycle bells different from normal bicycle bells?

The functioning of the bicycle bell is the same. However, MTB bicycle bells are often a lot more compact and less noticeable.

What is important to pay attention to with an MTB bicycle bell?

It is very important to check whether the bicycle bell can go around the handlebars. Note the maximum diameter of the tube on which the bicycle bell can be mounted.

What does a new bicycle bell cost on average?

A bicycle bell is perhaps one of the cheapest mountain bike accessories: for a bicycle bell you pay an average of 15 euros.

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