Mountain bike bike rack (MTB bike carrier)

mountain bike rack

A little further from home mountain biking or on a cycling holiday? Then it is advisable to take a closer look at a bicycle carrier. With a bicycle carrier you can easily take your mountain bike with you, without your mountain bike being damaged or having to disassemble it.

Why a mountain bike bike carrier?

There are several reasons why a bicycle carrier can be very useful. This way you can arrive at the mountain bike trail well-rested (because you don’t have to cycle there, but can just take the car) or you don’t have to disassemble your mountain bike to put it in the trunk.

The main reasons for choosing an MTB bike carrier:

  • Saves space in your trunk when you go on holiday, for example
  • Transport your mountain bike faster and easier
  • Less chance of damage when you transport your mountain bike
  • You don’t have to disassemble your mountain bike wheels

You should also take into account that in many cases you have to readjust your MTB when you disassemble mountain bike parts.

mountain bike rack
A mountain bike bicycle carrier saves time and reduces the risk of damage to your MTB. ©

Different types of MTB bike carriers

There are many different types of bike carriers that you can use to transport your mountain bike. This choice for a specific bicycle carrier depends on your car and what you like. There are bike carriers that you can install behind your car with or without a towbar. Prefer to keep your tailgate clear? Then you can also opt for a roof bicycle carrier.

Bicycle carrier MTB

The most common bicycle carrier is a model that you mount at the tailgate. These bike carriers are available for cars with and without towbar. The big advantage of this type of bike carrier is that you can easily lift the bike off. You can also keep an eye on your mountain bike when you’re in the car.

A disadvantage of this type of MTB bicycle carrier is that you can no longer open the tailgate when your mountain bike is on it. In addition, it can obstruct your view.

Bicycle rack for several mountain bikes

If you want to transport several mountain bikes, you can also opt for an MTB bike rack. With this type of bicycle carrier you can easily hang several mountain bikes next to each other. Such a bicycle rack takes up an incredible amount of space, take a look at the photo below.

bike rack several mountain bikes
There are also mountain bike racks for 4 mountain bikes. ©

Bicycle carrier for car roof

If you prefer to keep your tailgate free, you can also opt for a bicycle carrier for the car roof with some cars. Such a roof bicycle carrier is super easy to use: you can easily place the mountain bikes on it and simply lift them off.

With a bicycle carrier on the roof, keep in mind that you catch more wind while driving and that your car is naturally a lot higher.

Frequently asked questions about a mountain bike bicycle carrier

Are there special bike carriers for mountain bikes?

Most bike carriers are suitable for mountain bikes. When buying a bicycle carrier, check for how many bicycles it is suitable and whether it is compatible with your car.

What is the advantage of an MTB bike carrier?

With a bicycle carrier you don’t have to disassemble your mountain bike wheels to take it with you. In addition, you have more space in the trunk and the risk of damage to your mountain bike is smaller.

What are good brands for a mountain bike bike rack?

Brands such as Thule, Pro User and Uebler are very popular brands for mountain bike carriers.

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