Mountain bike brands: all MTB brands in a row

mountain bike brands

Just like other bicycles, there are several brands that stand out for mountain bikes. And everyone has their own favorite brand or at least a strong preference for a specific mountain bike brand. Not always because of good experiences, but also because of the story behind it or because of parts that brands can have a patent on. I have decided to list all mountain bike brands.

All mountain bike brands

Below you will discover the most popular mountain biking brands in alphabetical order. If there is a brand missing, please send me a message. Then I add to the list of brands.


If there is a brand with a good price/quality ratio, it is Bull. The brand has been producing mountain bikes since 1997. But not only that: the brand’s racing and city bikes are also available. There is a Bulls mountain bike for both novice mountain bikers and experts.


Cannondale is an American mountain bike brand. It is a stranger in many ways, because of unique mountain bike parts. For example, Cannondale has its own lefty front fork, a front fork with only a left fork tube. Cannondale is way ahead in terms of development and innovation compared to other mountain bike brands. It is not for nothing that you often see this brand at MTB competitions.


Canyon has a wide variety of bikes, including high-quality mountain bikes. The brand started a long time ago as a family business in Germany (Koblenz), but has now grown into an internationally known brand.


Cube is indispensable in the world of mountain bikes. The brand has the perfect MTB for beginners, but this mountain bike brand also offers plenty of choice for experts. Cube does not only have mountain bikes, it is also a well-known manufacturer of lightweight gravel bikes.


Ghost has been working on the road for more than 20 years. Behind the company is a story that we really only hear at large tech companies. Ghost was started in a small garage by two friends: Uwe Kalliwoda and Klaus Möhwald. Ghost has now grown into an international mountain bike brand with more than 300 employees all over the world.


Who doesn’t know Giant? In addition to the well-known city bikes, the brand also has a wide range of mountain bikes. Many mountain bike professionals ride Giant mountain bikes. Also Tom Dumoulin who won the Giro on a Giant MTB! Like Cannondale, Giant has a number of unique parts and techniques that they have patented. Giant has a special branch for ladies: LIV.

GT Bicycles

GT Bicycles is an American bicycle brand. The company produces mountain, road and BMX bicycles and parts. Although GT is an American company, the mountain bikes (like many other mountain bike brands) are produced in Asia.


Marin is a bicycle brand from California (Marin County), America. The mountain bike names refer to locations near Marin County. The brand was founded in 1968 by Bob Buckley. The first bike was the Marin Madrone Trail. By now, about 70 different mountain bikes have been produced by Marin.


There is a special story behind the Merida brand. When co-founder Ike Tseng from Taiwan was on a tour in America in the 1970s, he saw a sign at a bicycle shop that they could not repair Taiwanese bicycles. This is because of the ‘poor quality’. Tsneg returned with a mission and opened the doors of the Merida Industry Co factory in 1972. Ltd. in Taiwan. In 1988, Tseng founded the independent brand Merida and since then the mountain bikes have been very popular. In fact, more than one and a half million bicycles are produced from Merida every year.


Rockrider is the house brand of sports store Decathlon. The brand markets affordable mountain bikes, which are sold exclusively at Decathlon itself. From Rockrider you will not only discover hard trail mountain bikes, but also full suspension models. Don’t think that cheap equals inferior quality. A Rockrider model is even included in the list of the best mountain bikes under 1000 euros on the Red Bull website.

mountain bike brands
Rockrider is one of the cheaper mountain bike brands. ©

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a well-known mountain bike brand. The full suspension bikes of this brand are especially popular among a large audience. The company is located in – how could it be otherwise – Santa Cruz, California. The company also sponsors Santa Cruz Syndicate, a downhill mountain bike team.


Scott is a bicycle brand that started as an American brand but is now in Swiss hands. The mountain bike brand has a very wide range of mountain bikes. There is a model for every mountain biker! The brand, which also produces gravel bikes, is known for its good price-quality ratio.


Sensa mountain bikes are of very high quality. Something you wouldn’t expect when you look at the prices, because these are a lot lower than other mountain bike brands. And have you ever seen mountain bike wheels from Supra? Fun fact: Sensa releases parts under this name!


Specialized is an American mountain bike brand. The company was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard. Seven years later, the first mountain bike would roll off the production line. This one was called the Stumpjumper. The brand has launched a number of unique products, including a full suspension suspension system in collaboration with Fox Racing Shocks. In addition to mountain bikes, Specialized also makes road bikes and BMX bikes.


Trek is one of the largest mountain bike brands worldwide. There is a Trek mountain bike for every budget. For example, there is the Marlin line, where beginners can get acquainted with the MTB world. Followed by the X-Caliber and the Superfly series which form the middle segment. The Trek Procaliber, Slash, Remedy and Top Fuel are the top mountain bikes. For some time, Trek has also been offering electric mountain bikes under the Powerfly series. And chances are that you have seen mountain bike accessories from the Bontrager brand. This brand is part of Trek!

Frequently asked questions about MTB brands

What are the best MTB brands?

The best mountain bike brands are all the brands you see above. Many mountain bikes from these brands are also used by professionals on major competitions.

What are cheap mountain bike brands?

Rockrider (Decathlon’s own brand) and Sensa proves that mountain bikes don’t have to be expensive.

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