Mountain bike cleaning kit: your mountain bike like new again

mountain bike cleaning kit

To clean a mountain bike you need different tools and cleaning products. To avoid damaging your mountain bike, it is important not to use just any brush with a bucket of water. It is smart to take a look at a complete MTB cleaning kit. On this page I tell you what you should at least be in a mountain bike cleaning kit and I give interesting options.

Why choose a complete MTB cleaning kit?

Proper maintenance of your mountain bike is very important. This extends the life of various parts, your mountain bike lasts longer and you continue to cycle comfortably. When cleaning a mountain bike, it is extremely important to use the right cleaning agents and cleaning tools. Failure to do so may result in damage to your mountain bike. Using a normal brush, for example, can scratch the paintwork of your mountain bike frame.

However, each part of your mountain bike requires a different approach with different tools and resources. For example, the process of cleaning mountain bike disc brakes is very different from, for example, lubricating an MTB chain. Fortunately, there are complete cleaning kits, to avoid having to look for the right tool for each part. The advantages of these kits at a glance.

  • You get the right cleaning supplies in one go
  • Often delivered in a handy storage box
  • You will never go wrong while cleaning
  • Cheaper than buying everything separately

Contents of a good mountain bike cleaning kit

But, what is included in such a cleaning kit? In many cases, the following cleaning agents and mountain bike tools are minimally present with a ‘good’ mountain bike cleaning kit:

  • Degreaser
  • Protection spray
  • Sponge
  • Chain lube
  • Chain cleaner
  • Microfibre cloth(s)
  • Multiple cleaning brushes
  • Claw brush

Of course, the content depends on your budget and the size of the cleaning kit.

mountain bike cleaning kit
A mountain bike cleaning kit consists of different products ©

Brands that offer a complete package

There are several brands that offer cleaning products. A good example is of course the well-known Muc-Off, which also offers its huge range in handy cleaning kits. A selection of the brands that offer complete packages:

  • Muc-Off
  • Parktool
  • Finish Line
  • Red Cycling Products
  • Motorex
  • FSA
  • Brooks

Each brand often offers several kits in different sizes. For example, Muc-Off already has five different kits. From bucket cleaning kit to cleaning supplies in a handy storage box.

Buy MTB cleaning kit: buying tips

If you want to buy a new cleaning, there are a number of points that you should pay attention to. For example, it is important to choose the better brands and to check what is included in the package. The most important buying tips at a glance:

  • If you choose a storage box, also check if there is room for extra mountain bike accessories
  • Go for the better brands, for example Muc-Off
  • See for which cleaning activities the kit is suitable
  • Check if everything you need is there

It remains smart to always do the calculation for subsequent purchases. So often you are much cheaper with a complete kit than if you would buy the products separately.

Frequently asked questions about an MTB cleaning kit

Why is an MTB cleaning kit a must have?

Every mountain bike part requires different maintenance. A cleaning kit for your mountain bike is a good choice to ensure that you get everything at once. That way you’ll never go wrong!

Is a mountain bike cleaning kit cheaper?

In many cases, buying a cleaning kit is a lot cheaper than buying everything separately. Often you also get a free storage option. Think of a storage box or a bucket.

What do I need to clean a mountain bike?

For a thorough cleaning of an MTB you need, among other things, a degreaser, protection spray, chain cleaner, chain lubricant, various brushes and cloths.

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