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mountain bike fenders

When you get on your mountain bike on a rainy day, one thing is certain: you will get dirty. You can limit the dirt on your body or clothing by equipping your mountain bike with mudguards. There are special front and rear mudguards for mountain bikes, which you can easily mount. On this page I tell you everything you need to know about the mountain bike mudguard.

Why a mudguard for your mountain bike?

As mountain bikers we are not averse to a little mud. However, it is less pleasant if it obstructs our view or makes our mountain bike clothes soaking wet, while we have yet to start the route. There is a simple solution: mudguards! A mountain bike mudguard is often a lot more compact than normal mudguards and can be easily assembled and disassembled. Broadly speaking, a mudguard provides the following benefits:

  • Retains a good view of the road
  • No dirty mountain bike clothing
  • Less dirty mountain bike afterwards
  • Better for the life of mountain bike parts
mountain bike fenders
An MTB front mudguard. ©

Different types of MTB fenders

There are different types of mudguards that are suitable for mountain bikes. There are so-called flap guards, which you can easily place between the mountain bike front fork. There are aluminum mudguards that run a large part around the wheel. However, in my opinion these are less suitable for a mountain bike. You can disassemble them less easily and they can be damaged more quickly than compact plastic fenders.

Mounting options

There is therefore a big difference in terms of mounting options. For example, you can easily place a flap guard between the front fork using rubber bands and there are rear mudguards that can be temporarily mounted on the mountain bike seatpost. Some examples where MTB mudguards can be mounted:

  • Between the front fork (flap guard)
  • Around the seatpost (rear fender)
  • Under the frame (mud guard)
  • Permanently on the rear frame

Some mountain bike frames have taken into account, for example, to be able to place a rear mudguard.

mountain bike ring lock
With this mountain bike you can easily mount an MTB rear mudguard. ©

Buy MTB fenders: buying tips

Are you going to buy MTB mudguards? Then I would like to give you some useful buying tips. Discover the best MTB mudguards with the tips below:

  • Check whether the fenders are adjustable
  • Check how a front or rear mudguard should be mounted and check whether this is possible with your mountain bike
  • Go for an MTB mudguard set; this saves you money than if you buy them separately
  • Don’t opt for large, bulky fenders; this makes your mountain bike less attractive
  • Buy mountain bike mudguards that you can quickly disassemble

An additional tip or question? Then leave a comment under this guide or send me a message.

Frequently asked questions about a mountain bike mudguard

Why should I buy an MTB mudguard?

A mudguard ensures that you and your mountain bike get less dirty. This has the great advantage that you have a better view of the road and that you do not have to clean your mountain bike as thoroughly. It can also contribute to a longer service life of specific parts.

Are there removable fenders?

They sure are! There are MTB mudguards that you can easily assemble and disassemble. For example, you can decide to install them only when the weather is bad.

What are good brands for mudguards?

There are an incredible number of different types of mudguards available from various brands. The following brands stand out: Topeak, SKS and All Mountain Style.

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