Mountain bike glasses: MTB glasses for men and women

mountain bike glasses

Wearing glasses while mountain biking is recommended. It not only ensures that you have a better view on sunny days: MTB glasses also protect your eyes against dirt and twigs. You can discover which mountain bike glasses there are and what you should pay attention to on this page. I tell you everything you need to know about MTB glasses.

Why are mountain bike glasses important?

Let me start with why wearing mountain bike glasses is important. Cycling glasses protect your eyes during a mountain bike ride. This way dirt can get into your eyes less quickly, insects can no longer fly into your eyes and dust doesn’t stand a chance.

Cycling glasses can also improve the view of the MTB routes during certain weather conditions.

mountain bike glasses

Different types of MTB glasses

There are different types of mountain bike glasses. There are cycling glasses that resemble sunglasses, but there are also so-called goggles. Goggles are mainly used in combination with a full face mountain bike helmet. A goggle has a large elastic that you can pull over your helmet. The frame is slightly flexible and closes around the head, so that no dirt can get through at all. You see goggles very often with downhillers or during a freeride.

Glasses Frame Types

If we look at the mountain bike glasses, there are three different frame types:

  • Full Frame: a frame around the glasses. Strong, sturdy glasses, but a bit heavier.
  • Half Frame: only a frame below or above the glasses (usually above)
  • No Frame: No frame at all. The advantage is that they are lightweight.

And then there are also MTB glasses where you can remove the frame whenever you want.

Types of MTB glasses (lens types)

In addition to various frames, there are also different types of spectacle lenses. For example, there are photochromatic glasses (with these colors), glasses with an extra coating and poralizing lenses. Let’s list all the spectacle lenses.

  • UV lenses: Protects against sunlight
  • Coating lenses: These do not fog up while mountain biking
  • Contrast lenses: Better regulation of light incidence
  • Photochromatic lenses: Color with weather conditions
  • Polarized lenses: Prevents glare

Do you want to be able to switch between different lenses? Then it is smart to choose MTB glasses with interchangeable lenses.

From MTB sunglasses to transparent visor

Apart from the different lenses, the colors of the lenses can play an important role. If you go mountain biking on a dark day with cycling glasses with dark lenses, your vision will decrease significantly. It is therefore wise to have cycling glasses with dark and light lenses.

In general, clear lenses are the best option in dark weather. You can also opt for other light colors including orange or yellow lenses. Is there a lot of sunlight? Then it is wise to wear cycling glasses with dark (UV) lenses.

lenses mountain bike glasses
The color of the mountain bike lenses is important. ©

Buy MTB glasses: buying tips

Are you going to buy new MTB glasses? Then I would like to give you some tips, so that you make a good choice. Keep the following buying tips in mind:

  • Take a good look at the fit of the glasses, there are also different sizes for cycling glasses
  • Think about which weather conditions you often drive under and go for the right colored glasses
  • Check that the lenses offer good protection against sunlight (UV) and that they are coated to prevent fogging
  • Go for glasses from ‘good’ brands such as Oakley, Agu or BBB Cycling
  • Do you wear glasses? Then make sure that the cycling glasses are suitable for an extra insert with strength

My tip: go for glasses with photochromatic lenses or glasses with interchangeable lenses, so that you can wear MTB glasses under whatever weather conditions.

Frequently asked questions about MTB glasses

What are good cycling glasses brands?

Brands with good cycling glasses include Oakley, Agu and BBB Cycling.

Does the color of the glasses of MTB glasses matter?

Secure! In sunny weather it is wise to wear cycling glasses with dark lenses. Is it cloudy and dark weather? Then choose yellow, orange or even transparent lenses.

Are there also prescription MTB glasses?

There are cycling glasses where you can use an extra insert that has a prescription. These are actually small prescription glasses that you can click behind the visor. There are also cycling glasses that can be sharpened by your optician.

Goggles or cycling glasses?

Goggles are often used during downhill or freeride, because there the chance of dirt and dust in your eyes is greater. In addition, goggles are often worn in combination with a full face mountain bike helmet.

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