Mountain bike gloves: for winter and summer

Mountain bike gloves

If you’ve ever gone mountain biking without gloves, you’ll have noticed: sore hands and maybe even blisters on your fingers. Gloves are indispensable during a nice round of mountain biking: they provide much more comfort than you think. And no: they are not only interesting for winter. On this page you will discover everything about MTB gloves: from preventing complaints to buying tips.

Why mountain bike gloves?

As we mentioned in the introduction, MTB gloves serve different purposes. They are not just meant to keep your hands warm in the winter. The main reasons to wear gloves on a mountain bike:

And of course you complete your complete mountain bike outfit with a matching pair of gloves.

Mountain bike gloves
Mountain bike gloves protect your hands ©

Preventing sore hands

With good mountain bike gloves you can prevent sore hands. There are many different complaints that can occur. You can think of things like:

  • Blisters on the hands or fingers
  • Tired hands and/or wrists
  • Cuts or scratches from branches or falls
  • Cramp during mountain biking or after this
  • Tingling sensation in hands
  • Numb feeling in your hands

In addition to wearing good gloves, you can also train your hands. For example, you can use a hand squeezer.

Features of mountain bike gloves

Mountain bike gloves are different from, for example, racing bike gloves. For example, they are often somewhat thicker and are mainly aimed at a better grip. The gloves for mountain biking are available with and without fingers, in long and short and available in different materials.

A special feature of the gloves is that you can still move your hands. With good variants you can just as easily shift gears or use your mountain bike bell, for example.

The choice for a specific type of glove is not only personal, but also seasonal. There are special summer gloves and MTB gloves for the winter.

Mountain bike gloves for winter vs summer

There is a big difference between MTB gloves for winter and summer variants. This makes it very important to pay close attention to which one you buy. The biggest differences at a glance:

  • Winter gloves are warmer and thicker
  • MTB gloves for the summer are often a lot shorter
  • Summer gloves are also available without fingers
  • Winter gloves are also made of water-repellent material (gore-tex for example)

In addition to all the differences, the gloves have in common that they are comfortable, safe and offer good protection during mountain biking.

MTB gloves brands

When you are looking for a new set of gloves, you will get lost in what is on offer. That is why it is smart to filter on specific brands. Below you will discover popular brands that offer MTB gloves:

  • Rockrider (Decathlon)
  • GripGrab
  • Red Cycling
  • FOX
  • Endura
  • O’neal
  • Cube

Do you have any experience with a good brand that is missing from our list? Send us a message so we can complete it.

Buying tips for new gloves

Buying new gloves requires some attention. For example, it is incredibly important that you buy a size that fits you. Are they too big? Then you can get blisters on your hands, while we want to prevent that.

View the buying tips below for new MTB gloves:

  • Note the size (from XS to 2XL)
  • Check the material (for example, is it water-repellent?)
  • Check if there are sets (winter and summer variants)
  • Check how much grip the gloves have
  • Go for the more famous brands

Frequently asked questions about MTB gloves

Why gloves at MTB?

Gloves can prevent blisters on your hands while mountain biking, but not only that, they are also important for handlebar control. With good gloves you have a better grip on the handles. MTB gloves also offer protection in the event of falls and can keep your hands warm in the winter.

What are good MTB gloves?

The answer to this question is personal. It is important to pay attention to the right size and season to buy good MTB gloves. Also pay attention to personal preferences: you can buy them with or without fingers and in long or short.

What are the best mountain bike gloves for summer?

The best mountain bike gloves for summer are breathable. They should also not be too thick, but not compromise on grip and comfort. Often cycling gloves for the summer are very thin and have no fingers.

I have pain in my hands after mountain biking, why is that?

Pain often occurs in the hands after mountain biking. In many cases, this is because you are constantly – unnecessarily – squeezing the grips while mountain biking. Cramping can even occur while cycling, which makes a mountain bike ride no more fun. Tip: buy a good set of gloves and train your hands. And also try to relax your hands while driving.

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