Mountain bike jacket: MTB jacket for men and women

Mountain bike clothing that protects you well, keeps your body at the right temperature and makes you more visible is very important. A mountain bike jacket is indispensable. Think of moments when a rainstorm suddenly hits or when it cools down faster than you expected at the end of the day. On this page I tell you everything you need to know about a good MTB jacket. Both for men and women.

Characteristics of a good mountain bike jacket

No, you can’t just put on your normal jacket when you go mountain biking. This will not be comfortable and it will most likely not protect you well in the event of a fall. An MTB jacket has a number of features that are indispensable on the mountain bike. The most important features at a glance:

  • Water, dirt repellent (DWR: Durable Water Replacement)
  • Easy to carry (for example in a mountain bike backpack)
  • Waterproof seams (TruSeal construction)
  • Ventilating and breathable material
  • Equipped with reflectors
  • Hood can be pulled over an MTB helmet

Of course, the characteristics can differ per mountain bike jacket.

mountain bike jacket
An mountain bike jacket is lightweight, windproof and preferably waterproof. ©

Different types of MTB jackets

Different mountain bike jackets can be distinguished from each other. Apart from the fact that a good jacket protects you against various weather conditions. There are MTB wind jackets that ensure that you cool down quickly. Cold air does not get a chance to reach your body with these types of jackets. There are also sleeveless variants. This is also called wind vest.

There are of course also mountain bike raincoats. Good raincoats keep the rain out, but still allow for good airflow. This allows the jacket to ventilate well, but it is waterproof. These types of jackets are also often provided with waterproof seams, using the TruSeal construction. If you close a zipper, you are assured that the things in your pocket will remain dry.

Buying MTB jacket: buying tips

There are a number of important things to keep in mind when buying a new mountain bike jacket. For example, not only the correct fitting size is important, but also whether it has pockets, for example. View a number of useful buying tips below to prevent a bad buy.

  • See what material the jacket is made of: is it water-repellent? Are the seams also waterproof?
  • Go for an MTB jacket with pockets, so that you can, for example, take a CO2 pump MTB or a snack.
  • Choose a clothing size larger than you normally wear for optimal freedom of movement
  • Try on the clothing in a bicycle shop if possible, so that you are sure of the clothing size
  • Do you wear MTB protection? Check whether the jacket offers enough space for this!
truseal mountain bike jacket
With TruSeal, the seams are waterproof. ©

Mountain bike jacket men vs women

As with other mountain bike clothing, there are jackets for men and women. Not only the design of the jackets is often different; the fit and clothing sizes are also different. Therefore always pay attention to whether it is a men’s or women’s MTB jacket.

Good brands for a mountain bike jacket

There are many different brands that you can choose from. Some good brands for an MTB jacket:

  • FOX Racing
  • Decathlon (Rockrider)
  • Endura

Good experiences with a specific brand yourself? Send me a message so I can add it to the list.

Frequently asked questions about a mountain bike jacket

Can I wear a normal windbreaker or raincoat while mountain biking?

Normal (sports) jackets are often not a good choice. For example, the seams are not always waterproof and the fabric can tear faster. In addition, special mountain bike jackets are often a bit wider, so that you can also wear protection.

What is the best MTB jacket?

There is not really a best choice: this is very personal and has to do with the fit, among other things. I often see brands such as Endura and FOX passing by as popular brands.

What is important in a good mountain bike jacket?

That it is waterproof, ventilating and spacious for enough freedom of movement. He also has to be able to take a beating.

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