Mountain bike lights: bicycle lighting for your mountain bike

mountain bike lights

During mountain biking it is important to stand out. This allows others to see you faster, which helps prevent accidents. It is therefore important to ensure good bicycle lighting on your mountain bike. By the way, this is not only interesting to make yourself more visible, but also to be able to see the path better in the dark. On this page I tell you everything you need to know about mountain bike lights.

Why is mountain bike lights important

During a mountain bike ride it can suddenly get dark. Especially if you are cycling in a densely wooded area or if it rains. It is very important to stand out. Mountain bike clothing with reflectors is often not enough, and you have to provide your mountain bike – just like a city bike – with good lights.

There are special mountain bike lights: these lights are often stronger, can take a beating and are easy to (dis)assemble.

mountain bike lights

Different types of MTB lights

Just like with car lights, bicycle ligthning has a headlight and a rear light. These are often sold in a set, but you can also purchase them separately. There are many different types of mountain bike lights. And I’m not talking about the brands (I’ll get to that in a moment).

View below in which mountain bike lights can differ.

  • Position: front or rear lighting
  • Fixing: clamp band, screws or elastic
  • Power supply: battery or (USB) rechargeable
  • Lumen: different light intensities

There are also lights that you can attach to an mountain bike helmet. In fact, there are various parts in which lighting can be incorporated. For example, you can opt for a mountain bike fenders with lights.

Buying MTB lights: buying tips

When you are looking for new mountain bike lights, there are a number of points that you should pay attention to. Here are some important buying tips:

  • Check the number of lumens: the more lumens, the more you stand out!
  • See how the lights should be attached: don’t want to permanently mount the lights on your MTB? Then go for an elastic band.
  • Check the dimensions of the MTB light(s): does your mountain bike offer enough space for the new headlight or rear light?
  • Buy mountain bike lights from a good brand: these lights often last longer and are of better quality

It is also smart to purchase the MTB lights in a set. In many cases, it is cheaper than if you bought the headlight and the taillight separately.

Good brands for MTB lights

I just mentioned that it is smart to choose MTB lights from a ‘good brand’. But, what are good lighting brands? A selection of leading brands:

  • Knog
  • Bontrager
  • Lezyne
  • Garmin
  • Spanninga

Do you also have experience with a good brand that is not listed above? Leave a comment below this guide or send me a message.

Mountain bike lighting regulations

The regulations for mountain bike lights can differ considerably per country. However, regardless of the country in which you go mountain biking, there are a number of rules of thumb that apply to every country as an obligation. I list them:

  • In front of a white light, behind a red light
  • Bicycle lighting is mandatory between sunset and sunrise
  • The bicycle lights must be clearly visible on your mountain bike
  • One head light and one rear light, no other lightning
  • The MTB light must shine straight ahead

I strongly advise you to check what the obligations are regarding bicycle lighting in the country where you go mountain biking.

Frequently asked questions about MTB lighting

Is it mandatory to have lights on your mountain bike?

Yes, as with city bikes, it is mandatory for mountain bikes to have lights between sunset and sunrise. You should also be able to turn on lighting when visibility is poor. This is not only safe for yourself, but also for others.

How many lumens should the MTB lights have at least?

I advise you to choose mountain bike lights with at least 400 Lumen.

Are there also rechargeable mountain bike lights?

Yes! You can sometimes even charge it with a USB cable. If you choose rechargeable MTB lights, it is very important to pay attention to how long they last. If you often make trips of a number of hours, then a battery life of 1 hour makes little sense.

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