Mountain bike lock: from ring lock to chain lock

mountain bike lock

If you want to grab a bite to eat or drink somewhere along the way, you can lose sight of your mountain bike for a while. Not a problem, provided you have a good mountain bike lock. There are several ways to lock your mountain bike with a bicycle lock. For example, you can choose a simple chain lock, but you can also choose to mount an MTB chain lock on your mountain bike. Discover everything you need to know about a mountain bike lock on this page.

Why a mountain bike lock?

When you go mountain biking, you often sit on your bike, right? Then why would you weigh down your mountain bike with a large, clunky ring lock? There are many reasons why a bicycle lock can still be interesting. For example, you can have a bite to eat on the way or you have to leave your mountain bike behind temporarily.

A number of situations where a bicycle lock for your mountain bike can be valuable:

  • If you want to make a stop on the way to eat or drink
  • When you have to leave your mountain bike behind in an accident
  • If you forgot food or drink and want to get something quickly in a supermarket
mountain bike lock
A simple spiral lock can already be an excellent bicycle lock for a mountain bike. ©

Different bicycle locks for a mountain bike

There are different types of bicycle locks that you can use for a mountain bike. For example, many opt for a spiral lock. It doesn’t weigh that much and you can easily put it in your mountain bike backpack. If you don’t want the hassle of carrying a backpack, you can also mount a ring lock on your mountain bike. Let’s list all the advantages and disadvantages of various bicycle lock options.

MTB spiral lock

A spiral lock (see the image above) can be a great option to lock your mountain bike. As I just mentioned, you can easily take this type of bicycle lock – which often weighs nothing – with you. In addition, you do not have to mount anything on your mountain bike.

Mountain bike frame lock

If you prefer to mount a bicycle lock on your mountain bike, it is best to choose a ring lock. A ring lock is easy to place on a mountain bike. You often discover screw holes in the frame near the rear wheel. A common choice for a mountain bike frame lock is an AXA lock.

mountain bike ring lock
The mountain bike frame often offers the option of mounting a ring lock. ©

Mountain bike chain lock

Finally, you can also opt for a chain lock. However, it is not smart to bring this with you, as this type of lock often weighs a lot. It is therefore a less good choice as a bicycle lock for on the road. People often choose to use this type of lock when they return home to the shed.

If you buy a chain lock, go for a lock with a textile casing. This prevents damage to the frame or mountain bike wheels.

ART bicycle lock MTB

When you buy a new bicycle lock for your mountain bike, it is smart to choose a bicycle lock with the ART quality mark. This is a quality mark for safe bicycle locks. Some bicycle insurance policies require the use of bicycle locks with this quality mark in order to be eligible for compensation in the event of theft.

ART bicycle lock review

There are different ART levels. View the assessment per ART level in the overview below.

ART LevelRating
ART 1Good
ART 2Better
ART 3Even better
ART 4Much better
ART 5Best

In addition to ART, you also have the Sold Secure quality mark. This is comparable to the ART quality mark, but it refers to Gold, Silver and Bronze in the field of safety.

Frequently asked questions about an MTB bicycle lock

What is the best bike lock for my mountain bike?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors. For example, how well you want to protect your mountain bike against theft and what your budget is of course. And do you want a ring lock or a chain lock?

What is an ART bicycle lock and what does it stand for?

ART is a quality mark for bicycle locks. There is a rating of 1-5, with ART 5 being the best. Some bicycle insurance policies require the use of an ART bicycle lock to be eligible for compensation in the event of theft.

Which is better: an MTB ring lock or a spiral lock?

In my opinion it is better to opt for a spiral lock. You can easily put this in your backpack and use it where necessary. This prevents you from having to mount a frame lock, which not only makes your mountain bike heavier but also looks less attractive.

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