Mountain bike movies: must sees!

If you want to get inspired to get on your mountain bike, watching a good movie is recommended. There are plenty of mountain bike movies and documentaries online. Mainly on YouTube, but also on Netflix and Prime Video. I put the best MTB videos in a row.

MTB movies on YouTube

YouTube is arguably the biggest source for interesting documentaries and movies about mountain biking. There are documentaries about the history of mountain biking, but there are also films of groups of friends who ride the coolest MTB routes.

Tea & Biscuits

My favorite YouTube movie is Tea & Biscuits. This movie was made by In the film, various mountain bike professionals pass by, who travel through Europe as a group of friends. The movies are free to watch. Watch the Tea & Biscuits trailer below.

Update: Tea & Biscuits 2

Good news if you enjoyed the first Tea & Biscuits! Recently made a sequel. Watch Tea & Biscuits quickly on the Misspentsummers YouTube channel.


Might be one of the best mountain bike movies from unReal. These films bring three things together: a beautiful environment, the best mountain bike skills and beautiful shots. A must to see them. And yes, you can just watch them for free on YouTube. What do you mean unrealistic? Watch it here on YouTube.

I would like to share a shot from unReal with you. The scene was shot in one take and is considered by many to be the best mountain bike shot in the world. Watch the four-minute scene below.

Netflix mountain bike movies

It’s not just YouTube that contains movies about mountain biking. There is also a lot on Netflix that we as mountain bikers like to grab a bowl of popcorn for.


One of the coolest movies I’ve ever seen: Accomplice. In this mountain bike film, the best mountain bikers pass by who take a bizarre course. The film is made up of several chapters, each chapter featuring a different mountain biker. The film also features very good music. Watch the trailer for Accomplice below and add it to your Netflix list.

Prime Video MTB movies

Do you have Prime Video from Amazon? Then I have good news for you! On Prime Video you will also find a super cool movie about mountain bike adventures.


Made is an inspiring mountain bike film by a group of the best cyclists in the world. They show in the film what they are good at: mountain biking and motocross. A must see if you like mountain biking.

Frequently asked questions about mountain bike movies

Are there free movies about mountain biking?

They certainly are. On YouTube you will discover a lot of videos and MTB films. A good example is Tea & Biscuits, which has published two free mountain bike movies.

Is there an MTB movie on Netflix?

Yes, Accomplice. In this film, several famous mountain bikers steal the show on beautiful routes. In addition, you will discover many more interesting films about cycling and bike-packing on Netflix.

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