Mountain bike phone mount: an MTB phone holder

mountain bike phone mount

When using your phone to navigate mountain biking, a phone mount is a must. Such a phone mount makes it possible to fix your smartphone on the handlebar. A good phone mount ensures that your smartphone remains on the handlebars, even in the event of shocks. On this page I tell you everything you need to know about a phone mount for your mountain bike.

Why a phone mount for your mountain bike?

A smartphone can be used for everything these days. And yes, also for mountain biking. For example, you can use a sports application to achieve goals or of course as a navigation tool on mountain bike routes that you do not know. In addition, during a long drive you can of course also wish to continue receiving messages or you may want to use your smartphone as a odometer.

It is of course impossible to hold your smartphone in your hand. And to take it out of your mountain bike shorts every time you want to see where you are riding is also not recommended. A must-have is a phone mount. You can easily mount this on the mountain bike stem or the mountain bike handlebar itself, after which you can attach your phone to it.

mountain bike phone mount
A mount on the stem to attach your smartphone or navigation. ©

Reasons for an MTB phone mount

So, the main reasons to use a phone mount:

  • Handy to navigate via your smartphone
  • When you use a sports app and want to monitor your performance live
  • If you use your smartphone as a odometer
  • Stay informed of messages while mountain biking

With various apps, your smartphone can be of added value during mountain biking. View a guide to interesting mountain bike apps here.

Types of Mountain Bike Phone mounts

When you delve into the world of mountain bike phone mounts, you will see that the offer is enormous. There are many different types of phone mounts. I just mentioned that you have mounts that you can attach to the stem and mounts for the handlebars.

When you mount the MTB phone mount on the stem, it is best to place your phone vertically. A phone mount for the mountain bike handlebar can often be rotated, so that you can use your smartphone vertically and horizontally.

Different mounting ways

The biggest difference is in the mounting possibilities. Both how you mount the mount on the handlebar, and how you attach the smartphone to the mount. Let’s start with the different ways to fix the phone mount itself:

  • Strap attachment
  • clamps
  • Click system
  • screws

Phone positions

In addition, you also have different positions to place your phone on the mount. For example, special smartphone covers are required with some mounts. The different types at a glance:

  • Clamp
  • Via a smartphone case
  • In a waterproof cover

If you often go mountain biking in wet weather, it may be interesting to consider a waterproof phone mount. This will prevent your smartphone from getting wet. You often place the smartphone in a case, in which you can also store papers, for example.

Buy MTB phone mount: buying tips

If you are convinced of the advantages of a phone mount and want to buy one, there are a number of things you should pay attention to. Check out some helpful buying tips below:

  • Check whether the phone mount is suitable for your phone: check whether your smartphone is not too big and whether it is suitable for an iPhone, for example.
  • Check whether the attachment fits on your mountain bike: check what the maximum handlebar(s) diameter may be. And of course check whether you have enough space on your handlebars.
  • Go for a waterproof phone mount if you often cycle in the rain: this keeps your smartphone dry and you can continue to navigate in bad weather.

When in doubt between different phone mounts or if you need additional advice: send me a message or leave a comment below this guide!

Frequently asked questions about an MTB phone mount

What is the advantage of a phone mount on your mountain bike?

The big advantage of a phone mount is that you no longer have to keep your smartphone in your pocket. Or that you constantly have to take it out of your backpack when you use it to navigate.

Are there also waterproof MTB phone mounts?

They sure are! These phone mounts often have a plastic screen: you put your smartphone in a bag.

How do I attach an iPhone to an MTB handlebar?

If you have an iPhone you will have to look for an iPhone MTB phone mount. You can also opt for a universal mount, but pay attention to the maximum width of your iPhone.

What makes phone mounts suitable for a mountain bike?

A good smartphone mount for mountain bikes can withstand knocks and shocks. Something that is of course unavoidable in mountain biking.

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