Mountain bike seatpost: suspension, carbon and dropper seats

mountain bike seatpost

To enjoy mountain biking, you also have to sit comfortably. A mountain bike saddle is attached to the seat post. This seatpost is located in the upright tube of the MTB frame. The saddle height can be easily adjusted. On this page I tell you everything you need to know about an MTB seatpost.

Features of a mountain bike seatpost

A strong and easily adjustable seat post is indispensable for a mountain bike. The seat post is – in many cases – fitted with a seat post clamp. This allows you to easily adjust the seat height. Some seatposts have a length indicator on the back.

mtb seatpost with height indicator
An MTB seatpost with height indicator, handy for adjustment. ©

It also often states what the maximum Nm (the maximum tightening torque) is. In addition to the height, you can often also adjust the angle of the mountain bike seat. Some important features of a mountain bike seatpost:

  • Lightweight (also carbon variants)
  • Equipped with seatpost clamp for quick adjustment
  • Sometimes with indication for adjustment
  • Suitable for MTB saddles
  • Ability to adjust the angle of the saddle

It is interesting to go a little deeper into different types of mountain bike seatposts. There are suspension seatposts (interesting with hardtrail mountain bikes) and so-called dropper seats.

Types of seatposts for mountain bikes

Seatposts come in different tube diameters, lengths and from different brands. There are three different options when it comes to types of seatposts:

  • Normal seatposts
  • Suspension seatposts
  • Dropper seats

In addition, they are also made of different materials. From aluminum to carbon. We discuss the most popular varieties.

mountain bike seatpost
A standard mountain bike seatpost ©

Suspension seat post MTB

A suspension seatpost has a comfortable suspension at the top of the seatpost. Suspension seatposts are very interesting for hard trail mountain bikes. These have no rear suspension. An MTB seatpost with suspension makes mountain biking a lot more comfortable. They absorb shocks that you would normally absorb with your back.

There are two types of springs available: a steel spring or with an air cartridge. A disadvantage of this type of seatposts is that there is less power transmission to the mountain bike pedals during mountain biking.

Carbon seatpost MTB

More and more mountain bike parts are made of carbon. Seatposts too! A seatpost made of carbon is a lot lighter than aluminum and can absorb vibrations better.

With a carbon MTB seatpost it is important not to tighten it too much. Carbon can’t handle this very well. A carbon seatpost on a carbon mountain bike frame can also crack faster.

Dropper seatpost MTB

A dropper seatpost is height adjustable via a knob. You mainly see these seatposts on the more expensive mountain bikes. With a dropper seatpost you can quickly adjust the saddle height. Downhill after a big climb? Then you can lower the saddle with the push of a button. If you are going to climb, you can quickly raise the saddle.

There are many different brands that offer a dropper post. The most popular in a row:

  • Rock Shox
  • Fox
  • Pro
  • Bontrager

Buying a mountain bike seatpost: buying tips

If you are going to buy a new mountain bike seatpost, there are a number of factors that you should pay close attention to. Not only the choice of material is very important. Also the diameter, so that it fits in your MTB frame. Important buying tips at a glance:

  • Seatpost diameter. This often varies between 27 mm to 35 mm. Check this with your frame.
  • Minimum/maximum insertion length. The maximum distance that the seat post can be slid into the frame
  • Seatpost material. Are you going for carbon or aluminum?
buying mountain bike seatpost
The distance from the seatpost clamp to the saddle rail (1), the minimum insertion length (2), ©

Additional dropper seat buying tips apply. You must take the following aspects into account:

  • Distance seat post clamp to saddle rail
  • Maximum drop
  • Control (wireless, internal/external wired)

It is of course important to pay close attention to the price. It is also advisable to choose the more famous brands.

Extra seatpost accessories

Did you know that you can enrich a seatpost with different mountain bike accessories? Let’s list some useful accessories.

  • Relief
  • Bottle cage
  • Luggage carrier
  • Mudguards

Frequently asked questions about an MTB seatpost

What kind of mountain bike seatposts are there?

You have fixed seatposts, suspension seatposts and dropper seatposts. In addition, you have them in different materials, from various brands and in different price ranges.

Which is better for an MTB: a carbon or aluminum seatpost?

Many say the weight difference is minimally noticeable. Carbon, on the other hand, can absorb shocks better than aluminum. Carbon is a lot more expensive and can crack faster in combination with a carbon frame.

What are good brands for a seatpost?

A selection of the most popular brands at the moment: Bontrager, Rock Shox, Fox and Pro.

What should you pay attention to when buying a new bicycle seatpost?

Pay attention to the tube diameter, the maximum insertion length of your frame and the distance from the seatpost clamp to the saddle rail. Keep an eye on the price.

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