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mountain bike shirt

Good clothing is indispensable while mountain biking. Clothing that ventilates well, is comfortable and protects you. If you want more information when buying a new mountain bike shirt, you’ve come to the right place. I list everything about mountain bike shirts.

Characteristics of a good mountain bike shirt

A mountain bike shirt is an important part of your mountain bike outfit. A good shirt is comfortable, keeps your body at the right temperature and offers space for any protection. Let’s list some important features of mountain bike jerseys:

  • Fit is wider
  • Lightweight material
  • Ventilating and good sweat wicking
  • In some cases with protection
  • Often with a silicone edge, so that the shirt does not creep up
  • Slits in the seam for more freedom of movement

Just like with mountain bike shorts, there is a choice between tight (lycra) or baggy shirts. This is of course a personal choice. Baggy is a bit more comfortable, while Lycra offers a big advantage in terms of aerodynamics.

mountain bike shirt
MTB shirts are lightweight and ventilating. ©

Fit mountain bike shirts

The fit of MTB shirts is often a lot wider than normal t-shirts. Many webshops first ask what your normal clothing size is, after which you are shown the size of the manufacturer of the MTB shirt. Mountain bike clothes is often a lot wider and larger, because then you have enough space to wear protection under the clothing.

In almost all cases you will have to order a size larger than your normal clothing size.

Types of MTB shirts

Different mountain bike shirts can be distinguished from each other. There are shirts with long sleeves and of course t-shirts for warmer weather. We list popular MTB shirts:

  • Mountain Bike Long Sleeve Shirts
  • MTB T-shirts
  • Shirts with pockets
  • Shirts with glasses cloth
  • MTB shirts with a zipper

In the field of mountain bike clothing, a number of brands stand out. These brands are also clearly reflected in t-shirts. A selection of the popular brands at the moment:

  • FOX racing
  • POC
  • Scott
  • Cube
  • Specialized
  • Canyon

Nowadays, shirts from stores themselves are also very popular. A good example is Decathlon, which sells the Rockrider brand.

Mountain Biking Jerseys FAQ

Is the fit of an MTB jersey different?

Yes, the fit of a mountain bike shirt is wider than normal clothing. This is a big plus in terms of comfort. In addition, this also provides space for protection.

What are good brands for a new shirt?

At the moment brands like FOX, POC, Scott, Cue and Specialized are very popular. These brands offer a wide range of shirts. Brands at Decathlon are also popular!

Are there special MTB shirts for women?

They sure are! The fit is different than for men and they are often available in other colors and designs.

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