Mountain bike stand: bicycle stand for your mountain bike

Many mountain bikes do not have a bicycle stand. Often because of the weight or because you cannot put down an MTB on a hilly route. To be able to tinker with your montain bike, a special MTB standard is very interesting. You often insert this through the bottom bracket of your mountain bike, after which the rear wheel will hang up. On this page I tell everything about the MTB standard.

Why a mountain bike stand can be interesting

In many cases you will find a standard on a normal city bike. This is sometimes mounted on the swingarm or under the bottom bracket of the bicycle. With a mountain bike, a bicycle stand is somewhat rarer. People often choose not to mount a standard, because this makes the mountain bike heavier and because you use it less often.

Still, a mountain bike standard can be interesting. If you are going to adjust your mountain bike, you want the bike to remain stable. Check out these and some other situations where an MTB kickstand is very interesting:

  • To be able to tinker with your mountain bike
  • Cleaning during your mountain bike
  • To be able to store the mountain bike in the shed

Broadly speaking, an MTB standard ensures that your mountain bike remains in a good position and that it can sustain less damage. For example, when it falls over or when you have to turn it upside down to tinker. In addition, you no longer have to put your bike against a wall with the MTB grips or the MTB seat, which can also cause damage.

mountain bike stand
A mountain bike stand that can be slid through the bottom bracket. ©

Different Types of Mountain Bike Stands

You can make a mountain bike stand upright in different ways. So you can choose to mount a bicycle stand on the swingarm, but you also have a collapsible bicycle stand that you can slide through the bottom bracket. As you can see in the image above. I list the different types of bicycle stands. I am not taking into account the ‘normal bicycle kickstand that you can kick out’.

MTB mounting stand

If you want to tinker with your mountain bike, a mounting stand is an interesting option. With this type of stand you can hang your bike in the air. Both wheels lift off the ground, giving you complete freedom to adjust your mountain bike.

Often, mounting stands are lightweight and collapsible. This means you can also take them with you to a competition or a trail to be able to spray it properly afterwards.

Presentation Stand

One of the simplest mountain bike stands is the presentation stand. Here you place the axle of the MTB wheels on the standard, after which it remains in place. A big advantage of this type of bicycle stand is that you cannot see it. A disadvantage of this is that it cannot be used on mountain bikes with a disc brake.

With this type of standard it is important to look closely at the maximum number of inches of the MTB tires. In addition, it is also important that the presentation stand has a rubber layer, so that your mountain bike cannot be damaged.

Mountain bike bottom bracket stand

Finally, there is also an MTB standard that you can slide through the bottom bracket. This type of standard can easily be pushed through the bottom bracket. Please note whether this is also possible with your mountain bike (because it does not always fit). In many cases, a mountain bike bottom bracket is also collapsible as standard, so that it can easily be taken along during a cycling holiday.

mtb stand foldable
This MTB stand is collapsible, so you can easily take it with you. ©

Buying a mountain bike standard: buying tips

When you are going to buy a new mountain bike stand, there are a number of points that you should pay attention to. I list the most important buying tips below.

  • Check how high the mountain bike will hang above the ground
  • Check whether you can easily take the bicycle stand with you
  • Check whether measures have been taken to prevent damage, for example rubber ends
  • Buy a mountain bike stand from a well-known brand
  • Check whether the MTB standard is suitable for the wheel size of your mountain bike

And do you have too little space in the shed to put your mountain bike? Then you can also consider mountain bike wall mount. This allows you to place the bicycle against the wall.

Frequently asked questions about an MTB stand

Is a mountain bike stand necessary?

It’s not necessary, but it’s useful. With a bicycle kickstand, it is easier to clean your mountain bike and tinker with your mountain bike. This prevents damage to, for example, the saddle or the handles, when you place it against a wall.

What kind of mountain bike standards are there?

There is a mountain bike presentation stand, a stand that you can slide through the bottom bracket and a mounting stand. In addition, you can of course always opt for a normal bicycle kickstand that you can fold out from under your mountain bike. This does make for a heavier mountain bike.

What should I pay attention to when buying an MTB kickstand?

Check whether it is suitable for the wheel size of your mountain bike and check whether you can easily take the standard with you. Also think carefully about what you usually want to use the standard for. Only to put the mountain bike down or also to adjust it? In that case it is useful if one or two wheels are suspended above the ground.

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