Mountain bike stickers: stickers for your frame to rim

mountain bike stickers

If you want to personalize your mountain bike, you can choose to sticker it. There are many different types of stickers. Various brands offer MTB frame stickers, but there are also stickers for your rim. And not only to pimp your mountain bike, there are sticker sets available; there are also stickers on your frame to protect against scratches. On this page I tell you everything you need to know about MTB stickers.

Why Mountain bike stickers

With mountain bike stickers you can personalize your mountain bike. However, that’s not all: stickers can also protect your frame or make you stand out more. I list all the reasons to choose mountain bike stickers:

Personalize your mountain bike
Protection of your frame and rims
Making you stand out better
Sponsors or advertisements

In addition, I have also heard the tip to remove damage to a mountain bike with a nice sticker.

mountain bike stickers
With MTB stickers you can personalize your mountain bike. ©

Types of MTB stickers

There are different types of MTB stickers. For example, I just mentioned that you can protect your frame with it – you can see this as an MTB wrap – or that you can make your rims more striking. Let’s briefly discuss the different types of mountain bike stickers.

Frame stickers MTB

To dress up your frame, there are special MTB frame stickers. These stickers are made to adhere well to the frame, without damaging the paintwork of your mountain bike frame. In many cases new mountain bikes are already stickered with the names of mountain bike brands on the frame.

Rim stickers MTB

There are also rim stickers for your mountain bike. These are meant to stick on the MTB rims, so that they stand out more. Applying rim stickers can be a difficult job, since you have to stick them exactly in the curve of the MTB wheels.

rim stickers mtb
Stickers on the rims of a mountain bike. ©

Brand stickers: Trek, Specialized and Cube

And, as I mentioned, there are also brand stickers. These mountain bike stickers are often offered in a complete set, so that you can sticker your entire mountain bike. This can be very useful if you want to repair a damaged sticker after a fall. Some examples of brand stickers:

  • Cube stickers MTB
  • Specialized stickers MTB
  • Trek sticker sets

Often branded stickers are available exclusively from mountain bike manufacturers.

Frequently asked questions about MTB decals

Can stickers damage the frame of my mountain bike?

If you stick normal stickers on your mountain bike, there is a good chance that these will affect the paintwork of your frame. This is due to the glue of normal stickers. This is often not the case with special mountain bike stickers.

What are the characteristics of good MTB stickers?

They do not affect the paintwork of your frame, they adhere very well and they do not discolour. Mountain bike stickers can often be purchased at bicycle shops.

Can I also buy stickers from my mountain bike brand?

There are sticker sets from brands such as Cube, Trek and Specialized. If you want to purchase a new sticker set, it is best to take a look at the webshop of the brand itself.

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