MTB knee pads: mountain bike knee protection

mtb knee pads

You can fall annoyingly while mountain biking. One of the first body parts you will land on is your knees. To properly protect your knees, there is special mountain bike knee protection. On this page I tell you everything you need to know about good MTB knee pads and what you should pay attention to when you buy them.

Why should you wear MTB knee pads?

When you fall, your knees and elbows are often the body parts you land on first. And let these be very important body parts during mountain biking. It is very important to protect your body – especially your joints – while mountain biking. And by this I do not mean mountain bike socks that protect your legs against scratches from branches, but protection in the form of knee pads.

Knee pads are not only interesting for protection: they can also keep your knees warm during a cold period.

For whom are mountain bike knee pads interesting?

Don’t think that good protection is only interesting for novice mountain bikers. In fact, mountain bike protection is indispensable for professional mountain bikers and downhillers. In addition to knee pads, elbow pads, a protection jacket and crash pants are often worn.

Only a mountain bike helmet is often not nearly enough to properly protect your body in the event of a fall. Especially not if you go to a bike park or work on your technique.

Buy MTB knee protection: buying tips

When you are planning to buy knee protection, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Here are some important buying tips:

  • Pay attention to the right size: measure the circumference of your legs above and below the knees and look for the right size
  • Check whether they stretch well: this ensures that they do not cramp
  • Go for a good brand: think of Fox Racing, POC or Endura

Of course you also need mountain bike shorts that offer enough space for knee pads.

MTB knee pads size chart

An important part of choosing good knee pads is the right size. To find the right size, you need to measure the circumference of your leg below the knee and above the knee. With this information you can then look for the right size.

mtb knee pads
Measure the circumference above and below the knee for the correct size of knee pads. ©

View an estimate of the sizes of knee protection in the size chart below.

SizeCircumference above the kneeCircumference below the knee
XS36-40 cm29 – 34 cm
S40 – 42 cm34 – 36 cm
M42 – 45 cm36 – 38 cm
L45 – 47 cm38 – 40 cm
XL47 – 55 cm40 – 45 cm
XXL55 – 62 cm 45 – 50 cm

Frequently asked questions about MTB knee pads

Why should I wear mountain bike knee pads?

When you go mountain biking and fall, you probably fall to your knees and elbows first. To protect these, it is recommended to wear protection. Especially on technical courses or when you go downhill, for example.

What is the fit of MTB knee protection?

To determine the correct size, measure the circumference of your leg above and below your knee. These two details will help you find the right size.

What are good brands for mountain bike knee pads?

Brands such as POC, Endura and FOX have a wide range of high quality knee pads.

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