MTB Trail Austerlitz: Purple Trail

Mountain bike trail Austerlitz is one of the routes of the trail network of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. The trail is over 15 kilometers long, but can be combined with other trails if you want to cycle longer. You need a license for this route. Are you planning to ride this MTB trail? Discover everything you need to know on this page!

Trail information about MTB trail Austerlitz

Mountain bike trail Austerlitz is a flat route. The trail is also characterized by many wide paths. On the MTB-Utrechtse Heuvelrug website you can read that these paths were previously turned into swamps, but they can be ridden again since 2017. Nice to know: the trail used to be 8 kilometers long, now it is 15.3 kilometers long.

The route has 50 vertical meters and can be combined with MTB trail Zeist (red). Mountain bike route Austerlitz is marked with the purple MTB sign. Since 2021 there is also a special MTB kids trail in Austerlitz.

Mandatory MTB license Austerlitz

To use the mountain bike trail, a mountain bike license is required. You need the Utrechtse Heuvelrug vignette. This costs €7.50 per year and you can buy it at many different locations. With the income from the license, the route can be further developed and maintained.

A forest manager, BOA or trail manager can ask to show the license. If you cannot show this you risk a fine. The license is a sticker: you can stick it on your mountain bike, but many choose to take it with you in the case of a smartphone.

Rules of conduct on the trail

The same rules of conduct apply to trail Austerlitz as to all other mountain bike trails within the route network of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. The most important rules at a glance:

  • So you can only go mountain biking on the route if you are in possession of a valid MTB license
  • You are only allowed to mountain bike on the indicated MTB trail (pay attention to the signposts)
  • You should take into account other visitors to the Utrechtse Heuvelrug
  • Use common sense and adjust your pace according to your experience
  • You use the trail at your own risk

And of course it is also important that you wear a MTB helmet. This message is also shared with banners on the route.

wear a helmet banner
Wear a helmet banner at trail Austerlitz. ©

Starting points MTB trail Austerlitz

There are two starting points where you can start your MTB trail Austerlitz. You can start at Het Beauforthuis at Woudenbergseweg 70, where you can also start MTB trail Zeist. Opposite the cafe you will discover a parking lot, where you will also discover the announcement board on the side of the road. A little further on you can start the trail on the right.

You can also start at Ouwe Kamp, our eatery at Oude Postweg 144 in Zeist.

mtb route austerlitz
The starting point of MTB route Austerlitz (opposite Het Beauforthuis). ©

Parking: parking spaces at the starting point

You will discover many parking facilities at Ouwekamp, our eatery and at Het Beauforthuis. It is good to report that the parking lot at Het Beauforthuis is unguarded. Lock your car properly, don’t leave anything in sight and take valuables with you.

Restaurants near the route

The Beaufort House is a beautiful location to enjoy a drink and a snack. Food trucks with all kinds of delicacies can often be found on the site. In winter you can regularly warm up by a crackling campfire.

You can also choose to sit down at Ouwekamp, our eatery. Think carefully about where you want to end your route for a snack and start route MTB Austerlitz there.

beauforthuis austerlitz

Rent a mountain bike in Austerlitz

Do you not own a mountain bike yourself or are you going with a friend who wants to rent a mountain bike temporarily? Then you can go to MTB Center Austerlitz. This mountain bike rental company is located at Het Beauforthuis (Woudenbergseweg 70 in Austerlitz).

Frequently asked questions about MTB trail Austerlitz

Do you need a mountain bike license for the Austerlitz mountain bike trail?

Yes, you need the MTB license of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, otherwise you are not allowed to use the trail. The license costs €7.50 for one year. The route can be maintained with the income from the license.

Where is the best place to start to start the MTB trail?

The easiest starting point is opposite the Beauforthuis in Austerlitz, at Woudenbergseweg 70. You can park opposite the cafe, where you can also start the route.

Can I rent a mountain bike nearby in Austerlitz?

You can. In fact, you can also find MTB Center Austerlitz at the starting point. Here you can rent bicycles. It is wise to book this in advance. This can be done by telephone or by e-mail.

Is MTB trail Austerlitz a difficult trail or also suitable for beginners?

The trail is characterized by flat, wide mountain bike trails. This makes this route well suited for beginners. However, experienced MTBers can also indulge themselves, because they can make great speed here.

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