MTB Trail Leersum: mountain biking in Leersum

mtb trail leersum

Mountain bike trail Leersum can be found on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. This beautiful trail contains many long singletracks and many altimeters. Many combine the trail with Amerongen, because it is close to the trail in Leersum. In this guide I tell you everything about MTB trail Leersum!

Trail information about MTB trail Leersum

In the past there were two mountain bike trails in Leersum, but nowadays this has become a long one. In 2015, the two trails were merged into an MTB trail with a total distance of 18.4 kilometers. The trail is marked with the international MTB sign in red. The mountain bike trail partly goes through the Lombok forest.

The trail is characterized by a lot of altimeters (more than 350 altimeters): you have to take a lot of climbing into account. But afterwards you will be rewarded with beautiful descents and various jump possibilities.

mtb trail leersum
The starting point of MTB Trail Leersum. ©

Please note: Utrechtse Heuvelrug license is required

A license is required to ride mountain bike trail Leersum. It concerns the license of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug that you can buy for € 7.50 per year. The license is for sale at many different points of sale.

The trail can be maintained with the license . And not only this trail, but also, for example, MTB trail Amerongen, which you can combine with Leersum! The license is also valid for that.

mtb trail leersum combine amerongen
You can combine MTB Trail Leersum with Amerongen. ©

Rules of conduct on the mountain bike trail

A number of rules of conduct apply on the mountain bike trail Leersum. These are indicated at several places on the trail and correspond to the rules that also apply to all other mountain bike trails. I list them for you below.

  • You may only use the trails with a valid license. If you cannot show this, you risk a fine.
  • You have to take other holidaymakers into account. For example, in many places the mountain bike trail crosses with bridleways.
  • Adjust your pace to your experience
  • The use of the mountain bike trail is at your own risk

And of course it is of course important to wear a mountain bike helmet and to have respect for nature.

wearing a helmet mountain bike route
Wear a helmet on the trail! ©

Starting point mountain bike trail Leersum

You can start at various points with mountain bike trail Leersum. You can park for free at almost all starting points. View the different starting points below.

  • Park Ginkelduin: Scherpenzeelseweg 53 (Leersum)
  • The parking lot on the Scherpenzeelseweg (Leersum)
  • Parking Utrechtsebaan in Leersum*

The MTB Utrechtse Heuvelrug website reports that it is temporarily closed.

Locations mountain bike trail Leersum closed / diverted

You may still remember the storm of 2020 in the Netherlands. This storm was so strong that very large parts of the trail in Leersum have become inaccessible. Detours have therefore been made at various places on the trail.

mountain bike trail Leersum closed
Some parts of Leersum are temporarily closed. ©

These diversions are clearly indicated with a large conspicuous sign. At the time of writing, there is only one diversion left.

Parking MTB trail Leersum

As you can see from the various starting points, they are mostly parking spaces. All parking spaces around the starting points are (as far as I know) free. The best place to park your car is Parking Leersum MTB (Utrechtse Baan, Leersum)

MTB Parking Leersum
MTB Parking Leersum. ©

Rent a mountain bike in Leersum

If you don’t have a mountain bike yourself or someone who goes with you, you can rent an MTB in Leersum. There are a number of rental parties that you can turn to.

Mountain bike rental Utrechtse Heuvelrug

For example, Mountainbikeverhuur Utrechtse Heuvelrug offers a wide range of mountain bikes with different frame sizes and inches. You can also rent several mountain bikes for larger groups here. Think of a team building outing or a weekend with friends.

Frequently asked questions about MTB trail Leersum

Do you need a license for the Leersum mountain bike trail?

Yes, to use the trailyou must be in possession of the MTB license Utrechtse Heuvelrug. This license costs only € 7.50 per year and is valid for all trails of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. Except Den Treek, which has its own license.

Where can I park for free near the MTB trail?

You can park (free) in several places near the trail. The best place is Parking Leersum MTB. This parking lot is right on the road and next to a starting point.

How long is mountain bike trail Leersum?

The trail has a total length of 18.4 kilometers with more than 350 meters in altitude. At the end of 2015, two trails from Leersum were merged, making it so long.

Can I combine another trail with Leersum?

Mountain bike trail Amerongen is almost next to it. On the trail you will come across a fork sign, where you can change from trail Leersum (red) to trail Amerongen (green).

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