MTB Trail Zeist: Red Trail

mtb trail zeist

In Zeist (The Netherlands) there is a popular mountain bike trail: MTB Trail Zeist. The trail is approximately 17 kilometers long and goes straight through the beautiful forests of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. The MTB trail is marked with the red MTB sign and has many different starting locations. On this page you will discover all information about MTB Trail Zeist.

Mountain bike trail information Zeist

MTB trail Zeist has a total distance of 17.8 kilometers and about 140 vertical meters. This mountain bike trail can easily be combined with MTB trail Austerlitz (purple). You can recognize trail Zeist by the MTB trail pictures with the red MTB logo.

The trail is very technical: there are many turns and short climbs and there are jumping possibilities in a few places.

mtb route zeist en austerlitz
MTB trail Zeist (red) can be combined with Austerlitz (purple). ©

MTB license for mountain bike trail Zeist mandatory

An MTB license is required for MTB trail Zeist. This concerns the MTB license for the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. This license costs €7.50 and you can buy it in many different places. With the income generated with the MTB license, the trail is maintained and further developed.

Please note: MTB license Den Treek and the MTB license of Natuurmonumenten are not valid here.

Important rules on the MTB Trail

As with many other mountain bike trails, there are rules of conduct on trail Zeist. First of all, you must be in possession of a license and you must show it. Don’t have an MTB license? Then you risk a fine.

In addition, the term #Trailrespect is very important: this means that you respect the trail. For example, if it rained a lot, it is not good to drive the trail because the path can be broken. You may also only enter the trail from sunrise to sunset: it is therefore forbidden to ride MTB trail Zeist in the dark.

View all rules of conduct that apply to the trail on the MTB Utrechtse Heuvelrug website.

Start locations MTB trail Zeist

You can start at different places on the mountain bike trail. One of the best known and most obvious starting locations is at ‘t Jagershuys. On the other side of the road, at the intersection, you can drive directly onto the trail.

All starting locations in a row:

  • ‘T Jagershuys, Jagerssingel 15 (Zeist)
  • Camping De Krakeling, Woudenbergseweg 17 (Zeist)
  • Hotel Bergse Bossen, Traaij 299 (Driebergen)
  • Beauforthuis, Woudenbergseweg 70 (Austerlitz)
  • Ons Eetcafé, Oude Postweg 144 (Austerlitz)
mtb trail zeist
Start location MTB trail Zeist. ©

Parking at the mountain bike trail

If you come by car, you can also park at various starting points. If you start at ‘T Jagerhuys at Jagerssingel 15, keep in mind that parking is paid. Your car will be parked in a guarded area with barriers. Are you starting at Beaufort House? Then you have to cross the road for the parking lot (at 37 Woudenbergseweg in Austerlitz).

Make sure you lock your car properly and put valuables out of sight. Unfortunately, burglary stories can often be read in various unguarded parking spaces.

Restaurants on the mountain bike trail

If you want to make it a complete mountain bike day in Zeist, a delicious lunch or drink afterwards cannot be missed. There are several locations on the trail where you can sit down for something delicious. So there is ‘T Jagershys, where you can enjoy delicious pancakes.

The Beauforthuis in Austerlitz is also recommended. You can also take a break here for a snack in between. In winter, for example, pea soup is sometimes for sale from a stall and you can warm up by a lovely fire.

beauforthuis austerlitz
The Beauforthuis in Austerlitz. ©

Do you want both a snack and end with a drink and a snack? Then it is smart to park your car at ‘T Jagershuys. About half way through the trail you will arrive in front of the Beaufort House in Austerlitz, after which you will end up at the restaurant again.

Rent a mountain bike in Zeist

Don’t have a mountain bike yourself? Then you can still enjoy the wonderful MTB trail in Zeist. There are numerous locations in the area where you can rent a mountain bike. We recommend the bicycle shop Banierhuis, which has a branch near the MTB trails on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. In addition, this party rents out Canondale mountain bikes of good quality.

Another mountain bike rental company is No Limit Cycling. You can also rent good mountain bikes there (including mountain bike helmet and MTB license) for a good price.

Frequently asked questions about MTB Trail Zeist

Do I need a license for mountain bike trail Zeist?

Yes, you need a license. This concerns the mountain bike license of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. This license costs €7.50 and is valid for one year. The license is for sale at various locations (around and near the trail). The trail will be further developed and maintained with the proceeds from the license.

Where can I start MTB trail Zeist?

There are several starting locations for MTB trail Zeist. The main starting point is at the intersection at restaurant ‘T Jagershuys at Jagerssingel 15 in Zeist.

What is the distance from the mountain bike trail Zeist?

The total distance of the trail is 17.8 kilometers. The trail has about 140 height meters and can be combined with trail Austerlitz.

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